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Welcome to the Partner of the Quarter selection website!

To view the next open selection period, please login with your Global username and password and select 'Upcoming Events'.

District Managers may login and select the District Partner of the Quarter after logging in and only during the DPOQ open period listed in either 'Upcoming or Current Events'.

Note: Managers, PRM's and Area Coordinators who wish to view the results of previous selection periods, login using your Global username and password.

Partner of the Quarter Dates for FY 2020:
  • Q1 FY2020: POQ selection period opens 1/1/2020 - closes 1/28/2020
    • DPOQ selection period opens 1/29/2020 - closes 2/12/2020
  • Q2 FY2020: POQ selection period opens 4/1/2020 - closes 4/28/2020
    • DPOQ selection period opens 4/30/2020 - closes 5/13/2020
  • Q3 FY2020: POQ selection period opens 7/1/2020 - closes 7/28/2020
    • DPOQ selection period opens 7/29/2020 - closes 8/12/2020
  • Q4 FY2020: POQ selection period opens 10/1/2020 - closes 10/27/2020
    • DPOQ selection period opens 10/28/2020 - closes 11/11/2020